Therapy Options

EBOO Ozone Therapy Treatment: Uses, Benefits, Diseases Treated, Training, Protocols, and More

EBOO ozone therapy can benefit prolonged and severe infections, ischemic diseases, cancer, and more. Learn about side effects and protocols.

Ozone Oil Pulling

Ozonated olive oil pulling has many benefits and can prevent and treat many oral health issues, such as bad breath, gingivitis, mouth ulcers

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Therapy

Vaginal ozone therapy is the application of medical grade ozone/oxygen for a variety of vaginal issues and infections.

Comparing Home Ozone Therapies

Break through the confusion and information overload with this simple comparison of every ozone therapy you can do at home.

Ozone Ear Insufflation

Ozone ear insufflation is an easy, low-risk therapy with scientifically proven and anecdotal benefits. Here's how you can do it yourself.

Ozone Limb Bagging

Everything you need to know about using limb bags to expose your skin to the healing properties of ozone gas.

Ozone Cupping

Everything you need to know about using glass ozone cups to expose your skin to the healing properties of ozone gas.

Ozonated Ice Baths

Ozonated ice baths combine the therapeutic effects of ozone therapy and cold therapy. But not all equipment is created equal.

Ozone Sauna Therapy

Are ozone saunas systemic? Do they benefit the skin? Do they work at all? Where's the best place to get equipment? Find out right here.

Breathing Ozonated Oil (BOO)

Breathing ozone is dangerous unless it's bubbled through oil. Find out why breathing ozonated oil is beneficial and how to do it yourself.

Ozone Oil

Ozone oil has a proven track record of treating many conditions in a variety of ways. Not all oils are created equal. Find out why.

Ozone Oil Pills or Capsules

Ozone oil pills are the most effective way to ingest ozone oil, and they help eliminate pathogens in the stomach.

Ozone Oil Suppositories

Ozone oil suppositories are used primarily for rectal or vaginal infections, but anecdotes suggest potential systemic effects.

How to Calculate a Dose of Ozone for Ozone Therapy

The concentration represents the strength of the ozone. It is commonly measured in ug/ml (micrograms per milliliter).

Rectal Ozone Therapy

Rectal insufflation is the administration of medical grade ozone directly into the colon via the rectum.

IV Ozone Therapy (Major Autohemotherapy - MaH)

IV ozone therapy is the administration of medical grade ozone and oxygen gas into the blood.

Drinking Ozone Water

There's not much scientific data about drinking ozone water. But it's been proven useful in many areas and is easy to make at home.

IV vs Rectal

Both rectal insufflation and IV ozone benefit your entire body, but they have some key differences. Check out our comparison.

Comparing Intravenous (IV) Ozone Therapies

It's helpful to know what you're getting into before you walk into an ozone therapy clinic. Here's a comparison of the different IV options.