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Systemic ozone therapies can benefit the entire body. Ozone therapy advocates use systemic treatments to…

  1. Treat chronic disease
  2. Fight off common sickness
  3. Optimize wellness and athletic performance. 

There are only a handful of truly systemic treatments, but the two most common are IV ozone (autohemotherapy) and rectal insufflation

The question a lot of people have about these two systemic therapies is: which one is better? The answer isn’t always satisfactory to everyone, but the fact remains that it depends on your circumstances. There just isn’t enough comparative data (and no official studies comparing the two) to definitively declare a “winner”. 

While there are different forms of IV ozone therapy (which we cover in this article), IV ozone as a whole is typically more potent than rectal insufflation. 

That being said, Dr. Silvia Menendez (a researcher who has contributed much to the study of ozone therapy) has stated that rectal insufflation is 95% as effective as IV ozone therapy. Even if this claim is inaccurate and rectal ozone is only 30 - 40% as effective as IV ozone, rectal insufflation is still much easier, less time intensive, significantly cheaper, and can be done on nearly a daily basis. 

30% efficacy multiplied by 5x per week? You do the math. 

With all these facts in mind, we created the following comparison chart. 


IV Ozone Therapy Rectal Ozone Therapy
Systemic Effect Systemic Effect + Gut and Liver Benefit
Done at a clinic Can be done at home
Can be done up to 2x weekly Can be done up to 5x weekly
Average cost is $300 per treatment Cost for lifetime supply of equipment is under $2,000 - little cost per treatment
Most potent Better value overall - less time and money
Big time investment Done in under 5 mins per session

Why rectal ozone provides the most value 

There are strong opinions on both sides of this debate, but we created this chart to demonstrate why we tend to lean more in the direction of rectal insufflation. Not because it’s the most potent, or the most fun, but because it’s the most valuable. 

This doesn’t mean every other type of administration is useless in comparison — far from it!  But if we had to rank all the different options, rectal ozone has the best overall value.

Here's why:

  • Rectal ozone provides a systemic treatment - your WHOLE body benefits from it!  This is similar to the IV (blood) treatments with ozone.
  • Rectal ozone costs less than $1 per treatment over time
  • Rectal ozone takes less than 3 minutes for a full treatment
  • Rectal ozone can be done regularly, providing a consistent therapeutic effect
  • Rectal ozone can be done at home

Major autohemotherapy and IV ozone therapy are still the gold standard.  But intravenous therapies are time consuming, expensive, and need to be done at a clinic.  

This article reviews rectal ozone therapy in detail, its uses, benefits, side effects, and protocols.

Should you choose IV ozone or rectal insufflation?


If you have the means to do both, do it.

If you HAD to choose one, rectal insufflation has more overall value because it has similar benefits, is more practical (from a time standpoint), and is FAR less expensive per treatment.

By now you should be able to see that each of these therapies has its pros and cons. But keep in mind that either therapy on its own is much less effective than both combined. 

Just like diet and exercise, ozone therapy thrives on consistency. You can’t just do it a couple times and expect a miracle (just like you can’t walk a mile, eat a few carrots and expect washboard abs). 

The best results will come from IV ozone treatments when they’re supplemented by consistent rectal insufflation treatments at home. 

To get a better feel for both therapies, search the web for home user and IV ozone specific courses. 

And if you want to become an ozone therapy nerd like us, check out our free guide below.

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