Cutting Edge Scientific Research shows...

Ozone Therapy can help

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Boost your Longevity
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Turbo-Charge A Healthy Immune Response
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Help Reduce The Effects Of Lyme And Mold Toxicity

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To Discover All The Health Benefits Ozone Therapy Has To Offer
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Ready to banish stubborn health issues for good with Ozone Therapy?

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Here at Mediskill we specialize in helping people discover and understand the powerful health boosting benefits of ozone therapy.
Mael Crucero
Amy Wright
This therapy has changed my life. There are so many ways you can utilize it for health, and the team will answer any questions you have along the way.
Keara Palmay
Dr. Mitchell Lennon
There are a lot of people out there talking about ozone and talking about the use of ozone but the challenge is finding someone who not only knows ozone but who can help you avoid issues when you use it… I would never trust anybody but Mediskill.
Kelly Anna
Macie Henson
My doctor gave me the information for ozone and my home unit has been a life saver; literally it has given me back my life! And, it's so easy to use. No more do I have to worry about catching everything going around and I'm able to get back out in society and enjoy life.

“So What Exactly Is Ozone Therapy And How Does It Work?”

We go in depth on all the uses for ozone and it’s research backed health benefits in our free Ozone guide you can download here, but these are the basics everyone considering Ozone Therapy should know.

What is Ozone?

Ozone - sometimes referred to as “Lightning Gas” - is a 3 oxygen atom molecule that makes up the upper atmosphere of our planet.

It is formed when a powerful electric shock is delivered to Oxygen (O2 atoms) that separates their atomic bond and forces some of Oxygen atoms to recombine quickly into O3 atoms aka, Ozone.

In nature, Ozone is formed by lighting. But we can easily recreate Ozone in the doctor's office or at home using a tiny machine that delivers an electric shock to Oxygen gas.

We document the exact science of what Ozone gas is inside our Free Ozone Guide.

What Are the Benefits of Ozone?

Practitioners have reported using ozone therapy in:
Drs Ozone
Patients with Cancer
Drs Ozone
Patients with Lyme
Drs Ozone
Patients with Autoimmune Disorders
Drs Ozone
Patients with Infectious Diseases
Drs Ozone
Patients with Mold Toxicity
Drs Ozone
Athletic Enhancement and Biohacking
Ozone is able to benefit so many different kinds of people with different health issues for a number of reasons that we talk about deeper in our Free Ozone Guide, but the main reason is because Ozone can stimulate anti-oxidant production in your body.

What that means is that using Ozone can make almost every part of your body more durable, higher functioning, and less prone to potential future issues.

Being such a new science with many studies on it only being released in the last 5 years or less, it’s likely we’ll see many more benefits of Ozone come out in the future.

So regardless of why you’re seeking out Ozone Therapy treatment, it’s virtually guaranteed that you can see some sort of positive health benefit from Ozone Therapy using the information you’ll find in our Free Ozone Guide.

But don’t just take our word for it. There have been countless people who have seen incredible health benefits from Ozone Therapy.

Who Else Is Seeing Benefits from Ozone Therapy?

(An autoimmune disease, before and after ozone therapy by Dr. Rowen)
Mold and SIBO
Why don't I use this for...
"I waited six months before leaving this review because I really wanted to test using at home Ozone Therapy first.

I have had incredible results with this. I bought it primarily to help with brain fog I was experiencing from a very stressful time In my life. My family will attest that my brain fog is greatly improved. It did take a few months to really notice a difference but i will go days without any issues with word recall where before I would blank on word recall at least hourly.

Overall I have more energy and feel more like a younger version of myself… Seriously a lifesaver and so worth the money."
Bobbi G.
Drs Ozone
Verified User
It works really well!
"My doctor recommended [trying Ozone Therapy] to help with my son's Crohn's disease.... It works great, it was easy and my son has been using it for a few weeks now. He has noticed a big difference in his symptoms since starting ozone. Overall, the experience has been great and I highly recommend [Ozone Therapy]."
Laura H.
Drs Ozone
Verified User
Finally feeling some relief
I have tried just about all holistic healing methods and I believe that ozone is the needle pusher. I don't believe that there's a magic pill to coming back from chronic health conditions, but I feel that ozone really can help the person that has been struggling with their health to switch things in their favor...ozone has giving me the greatest change in chronic health conditions. I'm regaining energy and brain clarity. My joint pain is becoming less frequent. I wish I would have tried it sooner.
Sarah B.
Drs Ozone
Verified User
Excellent Treatment
In a short week my wife , with daily ear insufflation, has cleared up a significant sinus infection she had been plagued with for two years(following a course of antibiotics).
Randy W.
Drs Ozone
Verified User
New to Ozone
I chose an at home system because it was affordable. Everything works perfectly and couldn’t be any easier. I’m in my second week and starting to see some benefits.
Walter C.
Drs Ozone
Verified User
Ozone is a Godsend
“I have a disease that the conventional doctors say it is incurable… I want to eradicate the disease out of my body. [Ozone Therapy] led me to the solution for me..”
Drs Ozone
Verified User

How Well Researched is Ozone Therapy?

Despite it’s growing popularity and dozens of independent studies showing it’s benefits, Ozone Therapy remains unknown by most people.

But it won’t be that way for long.

Studies from Stony Brook University in New York… [1]

Camillus Medical University in Rome… [2]

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education in North Carolina… [3]

Griffith University in Australia… [4]

And roughly 2,000 others have shown Ozone Therapy to be a powerful health boosting treatment with benefits including but not limited to:
Boosted Energy
that can last into your 60s, 70s, 80s, or beyond
Increased Natural Production of Antioxidants
to increase your longevity and quality of life into old age
Sharper clarity of mind
and used by physicians in patients with Alzheimer’s
Used by physicians in wound-care clinic
around the country
Used by physicians treating patients with diabetes
An Especially Effective Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Loved by physicians
who see patients with cardiovascular diseases
In summary, Ozone Therapy has been shown to SUPPORT human health in dozens of studies. Many of which are cited in our Free Ozone Guide.

How Can You Get Started with Ozone Therapy?

Here at Mediskill we encourage everyone to educate themselves on a new treatment BEFORE they just “give it a shot”.

That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about what Ozone Therapy is and how to use it for the best results in our Free Ozone Guide.

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To Discover All The Health Benefits Ozone Therapy Has To Offer
Drs Ozone