Ozone Oil Suppositories

Uses, Benefits, and Considerations
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An ozone oil suppository is a hardened ozone oil capsule that is inserted into the rectum or vagina, commonly used for fighting infections.

Ozone oil suppositories have been overlooked by most clinicians, except in the case of vaginal or rectal infections.  

That’s because there is little research on ozone oil suppositories for anything but vaginal infections. 

So let me break down where else ozone oil suppositories might be of help.

Ozone Oil Suppository Uses

Dr. Velio Bocci writes a positive note about ozone oil suppositories in his book, 

“Moreover I will mention that there are several pharmaceutical vehicles for the administration of ozonated oil, such as gastro-resistant capsules, pessaries, suppositories and even collyriums, to be used in intestinal, vaginal, anal-rectal and ocular infections.”

Clinically, ozone oil suppositories are commonly applied for the following:

  • Vaginal Infections
  • Rectal Infections
  • Colitis
  • Fistulas
  • Herpes

In the case of herpes, ozone oil suppositories are indicated as a supplement to IV ozone, not a standalone.  

Local treatment is also important and effective when combined with AHT. It can be performed easily by applying and repeatedly changing a compress moistened with ozonated water and ozonated oil at night. Vaginal or rectal suppositories of ozonated oil can be employed in genital-anorectal herpes.”

In that quote, Dr. Bocci is essentially saying ozone oil suppositories are helpful as an adjunct to treat herpes infections.

If you're dealing with an infection or parasites, it might be worth a try. It’s not considered a replacement for IV, vaginal, or rectal ozone.  


Like I said above, there isn’t much scientific literature on ozone oil suppositories.  Most of this comes from anecdotal or clinical reporting.

  • May help with infections in the colon, vagina, and urinary system
  • May help eliminate or reduce parasites
  • May help with systemic infections by supporting the immune system

While most of the information I have about ozone oil suppositories is anecdotal, I have noticed a very consistent theme with its effectiveness for infections.  Plus there’s a lot of verifiable information about the antiseptic and healing abilities of ozone oil


To learn more about protocols and how to use ozone oil suppositories check out this video.

Typically, ozone oil suppositories have to be frozen so they can be easily inserted.

Here are common clinical recommendations for ozone oil suppositories.  This is for educational purposes only, so you should talk with your doctor to find what’s right for you.

  • Insert ozone oil suppository into the rectum or vagina up to two times daily.  Continue until the issue has been remediated.
  • For recurrent infections, during times when no infection is present, use 3x weekly as a preventative measure.
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