Why you need oxygen for ozone therapy and how to get it

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What to expect in this article:

  • Why do I need an oxygen tank?
  • What are the different types of oxygen tanks?  
  • How do I get an oxygen tank?
  • What are oxygen regulators and why are they needed?
  • What if I’m having a tough time getting oxygen?

Why do I need oxygen for ozone therapy?

Pure oxygen is required for safe ozone therapy. You cannot use room air or an oxygen concentrator. Here’s why. 

Room air is a paltry 21% oxygen, and even the best oxygen concentrators only get up to 95% oxygen (although some advertise otherwise). The additional 5% contains nitrogen, argon, and other molecules.  These non-oxygen gasses create harmful contaminants when they pass through an ozone generator. 

There are only three situations where it’s okay to use an oxygen concentrator or room air with an ozone generator:

  • Making ozone oil
  • Making ozone water
  • Ozone saunas

That’s it.  Every other instance of using a medical ozone generator involves ozone going into your body.  The extra contaminations from impure forms of oxygen will be counterproductive to your health.

What type of oxygen tank do I need? 

First, there are two different types of oxygen tanks you can get for ozone therapy, 540 or 870.  Both are rated for the same grade of oxygen: 99.9%.  There is no difference in purity.

Almost everyone gets the 540 because it’s easier to get.

The 870 oxygen tanks require a prescription from a doctor.  

However, if you are a medical practitioner, you can use your license to get an 870 tank.  And it’s mandatory that you do so if you are administering ozone therapy to patients.  

The primary difference between the tanks is the fitting on top of them that accepts an oxygen tank regulator.  The oxygen tank regulator is what changes the flow of gas into the generator, thereby changing the strength of the ozone.  

A 540 oxygen tank accepts a 540 regulator.  An 870 tank accepts an 870 regulator. Easy enough? 

Price, size, and how long they last

If you’re getting an oxygen tank for ozone therapy, 40 cubic feet is usually the best size (F in the above picture).  

540 tanks will have different names for the same size depending on where you go.  F, R, CF, etc.  Just ask for a 40 cubic foot tank.  This generally costs about $100–$150.  Then, a refill will cost around $15.  

Depending on what you’re doing, a tank will typically last 6 months to a year with regular use.  Just don’t forget to turn it off after each therapy.

870 tanks are usually given in “D” or “E” size.  These typically cost $100–$150 and refills are around $20.  However, it can be a hassle to get an 870 oxygen tank because they usually want to “rent” them.  If you’re going to do ozone therapy indefinitely, it’s better to buy one.  

How do I get an oxygen tank?

First decide what you’re going to use it for. Home users generally go with the 540 tank. Medical practitioners are required to use the 870 tank. 

Getting a 540 tank

To get a 540 oxygen tank (recommended), you will need to find a local oxygen supplier.

Google the following to find the closest one to you:

  • “Airgas near me”
  • “Praxair near me”
  • “Weld supply shop near me”

Then go in and ask for a 40 cubic foot oxygen tank.  They won’t serve you if they think you’re going to use it for medical purposes because they will be liable.

Getting an 870 medical oxygen tank

You need a prescription from a doctor for an 870 tank.

Doctors often prescribe oxygen tanks for migraines.  This also cuts a lot of bureaucracy with the oxygen supplier.  They want to bill insurance because they make more money.  Getting a prescription for migraines cuts most of that.  

  1. Get a prescription
  2. Google “medical oxygen supply near me”.
  3. Give them the prescription

What are oxygen regulators and why are they needed?

Oxygen tanks don’t come with a built in way to dispense the oxygen.  That’s what oxygen tank regulators are for — they attach to the tank and allow you to dispense oxygen at your desired speed via a control knob. 

A 540 oxygen regulator will fit onto a 540 tank.  An 870 oxygen regulator will fit onto an 870 tank. You can’t mix and match, sorry. 

The regulator typically comes with your ozone kit

You don’t need to buy an oxygen regulator separately — most times, it will come with your kit.  When you buy the kit, make sure to select either 540 or 870 depending on the tank you are getting.

DON’T use a regulator from anyone other than your ozone therapy supplier for the following reasons:

  • Regulators are often calibrated to the machine
  • Ozone therapy suppliers usually have custom made regulators for their machines.  The regulator from an alternate supplier won’t usually work.

If you got the wrong regulator, just contact your ozone therapy supplier and ask for an exchange. Some companies offer free exchanges.

What if I’m having a tough time getting oxygen?

  1. Call or email your provider.  
  2. If you decided on an 870 tank, consider trying to get a 540 tank instead. 
  3. Try a different location. 
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