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Lyme disease affects thousands of people in the United States at any given time. Some people suffer with it for years, others are able to take care of it within weeks, and still others have it without even knowing (until things start to go sideways). 

Lyme can be transmitted from insects that bite (like ticks, mosquitos, fleas, spiders, some black flies), from sexual partners, in utero, etc. 

There’s plenty of information online about Lyme disease and “the” way to treat it. But since Lyme is often deceptive and treatment philosophies vary greatly, it can be confusing to try tying it all together. 

Conventional doctors usually miss Lyme disease as the cause of various symptoms.  It’s important to find a well-educated integrative or natural practitioner who can accurately diagnose and resolve the disease at the root.

This article covers the ins and outs of Lyme disease, how it can be treated, and where ozone therapy fits into the mix. 

What is Lyme disease? 

Lyme disease is an infection caused by borrelia bacteria and is often associated with mold toxicity and co-infections.

Common symptoms of Lyme disease include:

Since hardly anybody experiences all of these symptoms at once, most doctors can only diagnose based on one or two. Lyme disease is sometimes called the great imitator by medical professionals because it can mirror the symptoms of so many different diseases. 

If it’s caught and diagnosed early on (3-30 days after the initial exposure), symptoms are usually less severe and more easily treatable. If it’s not treated after a month or longer, the disease can spread to the immune and neurological systems, causing more serious and harmful symptoms. 

Lyme disease completely alters how the immune system works, causing it to attack good cells alongside the bad. This is the aspect of Lyme disease that causes the most issues, often leading to more immune issues like mold toxicity, as in the case of this woman

Lyme disease attacks the very root and foundation of health. 

Conventional treatment for Lyme disease 

The standard diagnostic is the Western Blot and ELISA blood tests but they often give a false negative.

The vast majority of conventional doctors will prescribe a heavy load of antibiotics right out of the gate. Lyme disease sometimes comes back with a vengeance after the first course of antibiotic treatment. 

Treating it with more antibiotics can actually be harmful. Since there’s currently no consensus in the conventional medicine community as to treatment of this syndrome, conventional doctors find themselves only able to treat individual symptoms. 

Integrative treatment for Lyme disease 

In diagnosing Lyme disease, there are a number of labs.  We like Igenix.  An experienced Lyme disease practitioner will have a pretty good idea based on symptoms.

There is no one size fits all approach to treating Lyme disease with integrative medicine. The approach that most practitioners take is patient-specific, holistic, and involves more than one modality. Just like any health topic, you’ll find a wide spectrum of opinions and approaches. 

Dr. Jason West and Dr. Lee Cowden talk about changing the environment (ie the immune system) in order to change the disease. Where enough antibiotics may eventually “kill the bug” by eradicating all the Lyme, they may actually be counterproductive — too much and your immune system may be susceptible to other autoimmune diseases

Some practitioners like Dr. Joseph Mercola would prefer not to use antibiotics at all, due to their long-lasting negative effects on the immune system and gut biome. His approach is very nutrition based. 

Foundations of treating Lyme disease from an integrative approach

Before "killing" any infections, a practitioner will get your foundation set.  This is absolutely crucial or you will feel terrible during a healing protocol. Quality drinking water, good sleep, daily movement as tolerated, real food nutrition first (avoiding refined sugar and highly inflammatory or processed foods), addressing toxic products and beauty care (the EWG is a good resource for checking how toxic your products are), and addressing stress is important.

Practitioners like Dr. Jess Peatross work on drainage pathways before killing off any infection.  Some consider this to be a crucial step, often missed by Lyme practitioners. Dr. Jess has a great article outlining what drainage pathways are: things like infrared sauna to begin moving toxins out of the lymph system via sweat, coffee enemas to begin moving junk from the liver and bile and colon, deep sleep, exercise, etc. Cellcore's phase 1 supplements are amazing for opening drainage pathways too. 

Dr Jess is a drainage (and mold/Lyme) expert. Her Kill Bind Sweat approach is what got some of our staff members through all the healing protocols. 

Many people suffering from Lyme have mold toxicity from a compromised immune system and mold exposure.  So it may be worthwhile to look for mold toxicity symptoms.  You may consider checking your environments (home and workplace) for mold/mycotoxins with an inspection and an ERMI test.

Hidden dental infections can contribute to a compromised system and are often missed. A CBCT (3D cone beam scan) by a biological dentist is the best tool we’ve seen to identify hidden infections from previous tooth extractions (cavitations) or infected root canals. Getting these things taken care of will lessen the infectious burden.

Interventions used by integrative doctors typically include:

  • Immune modulation
  • Sauna therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Lifestyle adjustments (grounding, sunlight, foods)
  • Herbal medicine to attack Lyme
  • Coffee enemas
  • And others 

Where does ozone therapy fit into a holistic Lyme treatment? 

As with every modality, ozone therapy on its own is unable to cure any disease. That being said, Dr. Jason West, Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Christine Schaffner, Dr. Jess Peatross, and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt — along with many others — are proponents of using ozone therapy as one powerful element in a successful holistic treatment. 

Ozone is a very helpful tool but can be "too much" for many chronic Lyme patients who have compounded illness from mold, parasites, coinfections, yeast/candida, metals, pesticides, etc. That’s why it’s best to start with the foundations first.

Most chronic Lyme patients are pretty burdened and ozone can be a bit tough to introduce early on.  As stated above, it is often thought that addressing drainage before introducing a full blown ozone therapy protocol is very important so they can properly eliminate anything that is stirred up/or killed off.

  • Set the foundations of health first
  • Clean up your environment and look for mold exposure
  • Address dental infections with a biological dentist (iaomt.org)
  • Get lymph drainage and detoxification functioning
  • Introduce ozone therapy under your practitioner’s advisement

So what makes ozone therapy such a powerful modality, specifically in the treatment of Lyme disease?

The oxygen we need to survive is made of two oxygen atoms (O2), while ozone molecules are composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). This extra atom makes ozone an unstable molecule, which sounds dangerous. And while it is unsafe to directly inhale ozone gas, a systemic administration of ozone therapy (like IV ozone or rectal insufflation)  can cause that unstable third oxygen atom to bond with the bad cells plaguing your system. 

This results in several beneficial effects, but below are a few that have particular relevance for Lyme disease. 

Ozone therapy improves oxygen utilization 

There’s a difference between oxygen intake (or volume) and oxygen efficiency (how well you use the oxygen you have). 

Your cells are powered by oxygen, among other things. Deprive a cell of oxygen for too long, and disease creeps in. Diseases (like Lyme, cancer and many others) thrive in low-oxygen cellular environments. Systemic ozone therapies introduce the oxygenating properties of ozone directly to the cells via the bloodstream. 

Ozone therapy modulates the immune system 

We’ve already seen how destructive Lyme disease is to the immune system. That’s why integrative doctors are so focused on strengthening the immune system through any and all means. 

Ozone therapy is a great tool for this, as one of its effects is immune modulation (boosting an underperforming immune system and regulating a hyperactive one). Since Lyme disease tends to indirectly result in other autoimmune diseases, any form of immune system strengthening is a good thing. 

Ozone therapy has a detoxifying effect 

Since Lyme disease attacks the body at a cellular level, it makes sense to fight it back on its own turf. Because of ozone’s unique molecular structure, it’s particularly suited to attack Lyme infection.

“Detox” is an overused term nowadays that has come to practically refer to anything that makes you feel good. But Lyme cells are literally toxic and can be fatal if they enter your heart. So when Lyme cells are killed by ozone therapy, it actually does cause detoxification. 

This process can sometimes result in a Herxheimer reaction, which is a temporary worsening of symptoms as the disease leaves the body. 

Doctors for Lyme disease, co-infections, and mold toxicity

Real Lyme patient testimonials of ozone therapy 

After digging into Lyme disease treatments and how ozone therapy can fit in, it may be helpful to hear from actual human beings who’ve experienced it for themselves. There are so many testimonies, but here are a few that standout. 

“I have used it [ozone therapy] 4-5 x and have had some astonishing results …. I  also have nerve pain in my chest from mastectomy as well as heart issues, Lyme disease and lung discharge. After those 4 treatments the pressure and tightness in my chest is mostly gone, I have more energy and less fatigue. I am astonished and hopeful for a better quality of life.” 

“This [ozone] system has helped my health significantly (Lyme) through drinking the ozonated water, and using the other attachments.” 

“l think ozone can be the difference between chronic illness and wellness or life or death even. I know that it absolutely and literally has saved my life from chronic Lyme for 35 years. And it’s such a simple process. I am so grateful to have my ozone machine” 

“I use Ozone daily and it has helped tremendously with managing Lymes and has other health benefits. OZONE is a life saver for me! Thank you!” 

“I feel all the toxins moving in my body… it is not every day easy, but you can feel it works, the key is to never give up and never stop detoxing, especially when you are a mold and Lyme disease warrior. so many benefits from ozone… be consistent and it will change your life.” 

“I has been working good so far, definitely moves the needle with my issues (mold/Lyme)! Best part of my day.” 

“I have been battling with chronic Lyme Disease and the rectal ozone insufflation helps me tremendously with Herx reaction. Not only does it help me combat Lyme but also EBV. On days when I am just feeling off it helps as a pick me up. Overall I am so grateful for this wonderful machine it has been very useful not only for me but for my entire family!” 

“I have Lyme and I don’t know how many other infections and I have seen and felt an improvement on the first week, can’t wait to see results once I am able to increase the ozone dosage on the protocols.” 

Ozone therapy may not be for everybody (contraindications)

Before you dive headlong into ozone therapy treatments, please consult your doctor. This website exists for educational purposes only and is not qualified to offer medical advice. 

That being said, the contraindications for ozone therapy are surprisingly few. As mentioned above, inhaling ozone gas is dangerous and should never be attempted. Otherwise, these are the most common reasons to avoid ozone therapy: 

Data from the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy objectively displayed that only 6 out of 100,000 ozone therapy sessions have a negative side effect, a higher safety record than aspirin.

As stated above, a practitioner will often look at the environment, infectious burden, and detoxification systems before starting ozone therapy on Lyme patients.

A Herxheimer Reaction from Lyme Disease and Co-infections

When people with a large viral, bacterial, or fungal load suddenly activate their immune system, it will begin to kill and eliminate pathogens. This process releases endotoxins.

If too many endotoxins are released at the same time, the body has a difficult time getting rid of all of them. This leads to negative, flu-like symptoms and is known as a Herxheimer reaction. 

Even though a Herxheimer reaction indicates a functioning immune system, avoiding one is the best route to healing.  People known to have a large fungal/bacterial/viral load start at a low ozone dose - ¼ of the starting recommendation.  Then, they give it a couple days in between treatments.  Over the course of a month or two, the dose and frequency is increased and they will be at the standard dose.

A practitioner attempting to avoid a Herxheimer reaction may try a schedule like this:

  • Day 1 - rectal ozone therapy at ¼ dose (10 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 3 - repeat above
  • Day 5 - repeat above
  • Day 8 - rectal ozone therapy at ½ dose (20 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 10 - repeat
  • Day 12 - repeat
  • Day 15 - rectal ozone therapy at ¾ dose (30 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 17 - repeat
  • Day 19 - repeat
  • Day 22 - rectal ozone therapy at standard dose (40 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 24 - repeat
  • Day 26 - repeat
  • Day 28+ - if all looks good, the practitioner can move the patient to the standard dose at 5x per week.

If at any point, the patient starts to elicit a Herxheimer reaction, ozone therapy is paused until the symptoms subside.

Best ozone therapy treatments for Lyme 

We have excellent articles that compare all the clinical and at home applications.  To read and compare at home applications, click here.

But here are three of the most beneficial ozone therapy treatments for Lyme:

Generally, people with chronic diseases do a form of IV ozone therapy at the clinic and/or supplement it with systemic ozone therapy at home (rectal or vaginal).

One of the many advantages of ozone therapy in treating any disease is that it can be done at home every day via rectal insufflation in addition to intravenous ozone in a clinic. 

Always consult your doctor before adding ozone therapy to your mycotoxin illness treatment plan. 

Treatments in the clinic:

Major Autohemotherapy (MaH) - This is the most common version of ozone therapy and usually involves the withdrawal of 60 - 300CCs of blood.  Ozone gas is then infused into the blood outside of the body and readministered into the vein. 

We believe major autohemotherapy is the best form of IV treatment based on research, clinical experiences, and dosing.  Much of the literature indicates that more is not necessarily better.  Only puts a bigger hole in your pocket.

10Pass - 10Pass is a newer version of ozone therapy that uses a high dose of ozone.  Blood is withdrawn, mixed with ozone, and readministered into the vein.  This process is done ten times, hence the name.  This therapy costs around $1,200 per treatment and takes up to two hours.  Many people do not have strong enough veins to do all ten passes.  

HiDose - HiDose is half the dose and cost of 10Pass but is the same general concept.  However, blood is withdrawn and readministered one time instead of ten.  It is still a much higher dose than the standard protocol, Major Autohemotherapy.

EBOO (extracorporeal blood oxygenation ozonation) - EBOO is a high dose of ozone therapy that involves drawing out blood through one arm, going through an ozone tube, and then back into the other arm.  It is typically expensive.  It is misnamed as a “dialysis” because it looks like a dialysis filter.  However, it doesn’t filter anything out.  It’s unknown if this has any more efficacy than MaH.  It’s possible it elicits a placebo effect in comparison to MaH because of the strong visuals and experience.


Treatments at home:

These treatments are sometimes administered at the clinic, but it is usually much cheaper and easier for people to do them at home.  They take about 3-5 minutes, can be done on a daily basis, and the entire setup costs around $1,600 (close to the same price as a single 10Pass session). 

  • Rectal Insufflation - Rectal insufflation ozone therapy stimulates the same pathways as IV ozone therapy.  While it might not be as effective, it can be done on a daily basis in under 5 minutes.  It also has a much lower cost per treatment in comparison with IV ozone, making it highly valuable.  
  • Vaginal Insufflation - Vaginal ozone insufflation is the release of ozone gas into the vagina for 5-10 minutes, and is an effective way to elicit a systemic response in the body. In addition, it works well for vaginal based issues.  
  • Ozone Sauna - Much research is still needed about ozone saunas.  However, there is some promising anecdotal evidence and newer research showing its systemic effect.  The nice part about ozone saunas is how minimally invasive they are.  The only problem is that the equipment still needs to be standardized.  There isn’t any equipment that can prove it provides enough ozone to cause a systemic benefit… yet.

    However, we are certain that small ozone generators using ambient air DO NOT work.  The ozone is quickly dissipated back into oxygen because they don’t provide enough ozone amidst the heat to make it to the skin.

Saunas are vital to healing from mold toxicity and Lyme.  You can choose to add ozone in or not.  In our opinion, you may as well go with an ozone sauna but it’s not necessary to have the ozone element to get a sauna detoxification

How Much Does Ozone Therapy Cost?

Treatments at the clinic will range from $200-$1,500. 

A home setup can be purchased anywhere from $1,400-$2,000. It lasts indefinitely and can be done daily in under a few minutes.

How Long Does it Take for Results?

We can’t say for certain because it depends on many factors.

However, many people experience more energy and reduced brain fog after 4-6 IV ozone treatments or 3 weeks of home ozone therapies.

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What to do with this information 

This article (plus the many pages and videos it linked to) covered a lot of ground.

If you’re interested in ozone therapy at home and have talked with your doctor:

  1. Download our guide
  2. Buy an oxygen tank (info in the guide)
  3. Buy an ozone generator kit
  4. Follow protocols from your doc or that comes in the guide

Neither this article nor this website is medical advice. Consult your doctor before attempting ozone therapy (or any medical treatment). 

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