Ozone Therapy for Mold Toxicity

Uses, Benefits, Safety, and How It’s Done
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There is an increasing awareness around mold toxicity and the damaging effects of mycotoxins.  But there are still a lot of questions — particularly about how to diagnose, treat, and heal from the mold exposure.  

It’s an unfortunate situation.  Some people even have to move from their home or leave work places to avoid further exposure to mold.  

But don’t get down.  There is a pathway to healing and regaining your health.  

At a Glance:

  • Integrative, natural, or holistic doctors have the most experience with healing mold toxic patients because they focus on elimination of the toxicity, not just symptomatic coverage. 
  • Ozone therapy is usually used as a piece of a larger program; it’s known to modulate the immune system, help with the removal of toxins, and engage a balancing effect on the body.
  • Ozone therapy has demonstrated a higher safety record than the use of aspirin
  • A Herxheimer reaction is when the immune system starts eliminating a lot of toxicity.  It can make a patient feel flu-like symptoms but is avoidable with basic precautions. 
  • The best way to do ozone therapy is at home, supplemented with IVs in the clinic

It is important that you consult with your medical practitioner before attempting any form of ozone therapy.  This article is for educational purposes only.  This website is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed medical professional. This site assumes no responsibility for how this material is used. The statements regarding ozone treatments have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Mold Toxicity is Best Addressed by a Holistic Doctor

Mold toxicity can be tough to detect, eliminate, and heal.

It displays a wide range of symptoms, many of which can be confused for other ailments.  Some of them include: 

  • Brain fog, memory troubles, anxiety/depression
  • Pain — especially in the abdomen
  • Weight gain or loss without explanation
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Tinnitus — a dreadful ear ringing
  • Digestive problems — especially bloating
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Mood alterations
  • Constant thirst
  • Symptoms similar to hormone imbalances (such as hair loss, rashes, impotence)

The difficulty in diagnosing is due to the variety of symptoms, poor standardization of testing, lack of knowledge in conventional institutes, and symptoms expressed differently in different people. Conventional medicine has failed many chronic disease patients with modern diseases.

Mold toxicity patients often get referred to different practitioners and bounce around with symptomatic coverage before finding a natural, holistic, or integrative doctor.  An experienced integrative practitioner can often shortcut years of pain.  Dr. Jeff Wright is one doctor we recommend getting a consultation with.

Here are some other doctors we like for mold toxicity:


“mold ruined my life for a while there. It made me fat, and my brain stopped working. In my book Head Strong, I explained how critical ozone therapy was in my recovery from mold toxicity.” - Dave Asprey 

“I'm battling mold exposure that needs ongoing treatment. Enter this ozone kit …And after just a couple weeks, I am already seeing a big difference in my health.” 

“Love my machine. I have a lot of gastric issues and am feeling much better so soon. Using it to help reduce mold, SIBO etc.” 

“I can feel a shift happening even though I am still at the beginning, I feel all the toxins moving in my body… it is not everyday easy, but you can feel it works. The key is to never give up and never stop detoxing, especially when you are a mold and Lyme disease warrior. so many benefits from ozone “ 

“It [ozone therapy] has been working good so far, definitely moves the needle with my issues (mold/lyme)! Best part of my day.” 

“Bought this for mold poisoning/autoimmune disease relief. Have experienced improved energy and better digestion since using ozone therapy for one week.” 

“suffering severe depression/anxiety/brain fog and having pressure in the back of their head. This friend had a mold issue. Since they began using the ozone stethoscope, they haven’t felt the pressure in the head! Amazing! I’m sure it’s helping the mold and whatever else may be lurking.” 

Why Ozone Therapy is Used in Patients with Mold Toxicity

To clarify how ozone therapy is used for mold toxicity, we are explaining it within the context of a more comprehensive approach that most practitioners use.  Practitioners usually have their own verbiage or system, but they are more similar than dissimilar.  The one we use here is a system set forward by Dr. Christine Schaffner.  

Dr. Christine Schaffner outlines four different areas for healing from mold toxicity:

  1. Environment and Terrain Support
  2. Energy System Support
  3. Clearing Blocks: Interference Fields
  4. Optimizing Flow and Drainage

Each of the points by Dr. Schaffner is a piece of the puzzle.  Ozone therapy fits into two of them: terrain support and optimizing flow/drainage. 

Supporting the terrain means building a healthier body.  Your body is the “terrain”.  The idea is to improve the health of the body so it is more capable of fighting disease.  The terrain answers questions such as:

  • What does your diet look like?
  • How is your sleep?
  • Are you nutritionally imbalanced?
  • What interventions can we take to get your body capable of eliminating mold toxicity?

According to Dr. Christine Schaffner, the goal of environment and terrain support is:

  • To remove the toxins accumulated in the extracellular matrix
  • To stimulate and modulate the immune system,
  • To regulate the whole by rebalancing the diseased body system. 

Optimizing flow and drainage is for the removal of toxicity.  When our body is sick, it tends to get sludgy.  It’s not so good at killing and removing the toxicity.  

This is precisely why Dr. Christine Schaffner and other doctors use ozone therapy.  Ozone therapy is known to modulate the immune system, help with the removal of toxins, and engage a balancing effect on the body.

Ozone Therapy Benefits for Mycotoxin Illness

Ozone therapy is used for a lot of illnesses and general wellness.

Naturally, the curious person would ask, “how can it do that?”

You first must understand that ozone therapy is not doing the work, going through the body destroying pathogens and eliminating them.  Your body is doing the work.  The ozone therapy is just a stimulus for your body to start performing better — it improves circulation, increases metabolism, modulates the immune system, to mention a few effects.

Ozone therapy is known as a hormetic therapy, like ice baths, sauna, and exercise.  The small stress stimulus creates a healing and balancing response in the body.  When the body performs better, it fixes a lot of things.  Which is why ozone therapy is used in so many different areas.

  • Decreases inflammation by way of improving circulation and metabolism
  • Helps the body to eliminate toxins through circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Creates a better environment for a healthy microbiome
  • Improves energy
  • Decreases brain fog
  • Decreases pain

In a nutshell, ozone therapy is used for the elimination of mold toxicity.  This can be done via IV, rectal, or vaginal ozone therapy.  

Ozone Therapy for Modulating the Immune System in Mold Toxicity

The immune system can become compromised, ineffective, and overburdened. But a mold toxic patient needs to have an immune system that functions properly, so the goal is to stimulate it back to proper function.

Optimizing the immune system helps the body to eliminate mycotoxins from the body.  

But optimizing the immune system isn’t the same as boosting it.  It means immune modulation.  Modulation is when the immune system is most effective and balanced.

Ozone takes a holistic approach and allows the body to balance its own immune system, a form of auto correction.  It merely stimulates the immune system to take the appropriate reaction, either enhancing or diminishing its response. 

Ozone Therapy for Removing Mold Toxicity

Ozone therapy improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery

Ozone therapy is commonly applied on patients with mycotoxins because it can improve blood flow, which is important for the body to detoxify and fight disease.  This will set the foundation for the body to heal itself.  

The cells need the ability to offload toxicity and accept nutrients.  Red blood cells need to be able to bend and fold to fit through really small veins.  Ozone therapy helps with this process and eradicates the toxicity.

Fortunately, the home methods of ozone therapy (vaginal or rectal insufflation) work for improving blood flow.


Ozone therapy increases energy levels 

Mold toxicity elicits many different symptoms, one of which is chronic fatigue.  Ozone therapy’s ability to enhance metabolic efficiency — more specifically, oxygen efficiency — naturally increases the energy that patients lose from an overburdened system.

One study observed its results in ozone therapy with fatigue issues:

“Oxygen ozone therapy is an effective therapy in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome… ozone therapy seems a treatment that, also because without any side effect, is possible to be proposed to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome that are not obtaining sufficient results from available therapy.”

Another study found 70% of patients with cancer significantly reduced fatigue with ozone therapy.

In this testimony, Deb Gluskin said “The first time I did it, it was like someone turned the lights on… My brain fog was gone.  My sense of fatigue was no longer existent.  I had energy for the first time in so long.”

Ozone therapy increases oxygen efficiency

Oxygen efficiency determines how well your body uses oxygen to make energy (ATP).  

Oxygen efficiency is not referring to how much oxygen you breathe or deep breathing exercises. Breathing gets oxygen into your body, but oxygen efficiency describes how well you use it.

There has been a lot of research done on this, claiming it increases oxygen efficiency while helping your body produce more energy.  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Is Ozone Therapy for Mold Toxicity Safe?

Ozone is harmful to breathe into the lungs.  However, scientists have discovered ozone therapy can be safely administered to other parts of the body, such as blood or the colon. It’s now well established and researched.

The reason ozone irritates the lungs is because there are no antioxidant defenses in lungs.  This makes the lungs susceptible to oxidation from ozone gas.

To appropriately answer the question of safety, we have an in depth review you can view here.

Ozone can be safely applied in other parts of the body because they have an antioxidant system.  This system, found in most parts of the body, defends against the potential for ozone to cause harm.

According to data by the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy, only 6 out of 100,000 ozone therapy sessions have a negative side effect, a higher safety record than aspirin.  They attribute most of the negative side effects to misuse by the doctor.

Nonetheless, these are common contraindications to ozone therapy:

A Herxheimer Reaction with Ozone Therapy and Mycotoxins

A Herxheimer reaction happens when there is a large viral, bacterial, or fungal load in a patient.  If the patient suddenly turns on their immune system, it will begin to kill and eliminate pathogens.  This process releases endotoxins. If too many endotoxins are released at the same time, the body has a difficult time getting rid of all of them.  Which leads to negative, flu-like symptoms.

However, avoiding a Herxheimer reaction is the best route to healing.  Patients known to have a large fungal/bacterial/viral load start at a low ozone dose — ¼ of the starting recommendation.  Then, they give it a couple days in between treatments.  Over the course of a month or two, the dose and frequency is increased and they will be at the standard dose.

A practitioner attempting to avoid a Herxheimer reaction may try a schedule like this:

  • Day 1 - rectal ozone therapy at ¼ dose (10 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 3 - repeat above
  • Day 5 - repeat above
  • Day 8 - rectal ozone therapy at ½ dose (20 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 10 - repeat
  • Day 12 - repeat
  • Day 15 - rectal ozone therapy at ¾ dose (30 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 17 - repeat
  • Day 19 - repeat
  • Day 22 - rectal ozone therapy at standard dose (40 gamma and 200mL)
  • Day 24 - repeat
  • Day 26 - repeat
  • Day 28+ - if all looks good, the practitioner can move the patient to the standard dose at 5x per week.

If at any point, the patient starts to elicit a Herxheimer reaction, ozone therapy is paused until the symptoms subside.

Ozone Therapy in Context of Other Treatments for Mold Toxicity

Typically, a regimen for patients with mold toxicity includes:

And sometimes more.  It’s important to realize that JUST ozone therapy is not the fix.  A holistic approach takes multiple avenues to resolve mold toxicity by creating a healthy body. 

Binders are often used with ozone therapy for mold

In concert with ozone therapy, binders are typically used in the case of patients with mold toxicity.  This is because ozone helps to get the mold toxins out and the binders lock them in to excrete from the system.  Your practitioner will most likely have recommendations on the best binders for you.

We like Cellcore Biosciences for binders.

What is the Best Way to Do Ozone Therapy for Mold Exposure?

We have excellent articles that compare all the clinical and at home applications.  To read and compare home applications, click here.

Best Way to Administer Ozone Therapy in Patients with Mold Toxicity:

Generally, patients with chronic diseases do a form of IV ozone therapy at the clinic and/or supplement it with systemic ozone therapy at home (rectal or vaginal).

One of the many advantages of ozone therapy in treating any disease is that it can be done at home every day via rectal insufflation in addition to intravenous ozone in a clinic. 

Always consult your doctor before adding ozone therapy to your mycotoxin illness treatment plan. 

Treatments in the clinic:

Major Autohemotherapy (MaH) — This is the most common version of ozone therapy and usually involves the withdrawal of 60–300CCs of blood.  Ozone gas is then infused into the blood outside of the body and readministered into the vein. 

10Pass — 10Pass is a newer version of ozone therapy that uses a high dose of ozone.  Blood is withdrawn, mixed with ozone, and readministered into the vein.  This process is done ten times, hence the name.  This therapy costs around $1,200 per treatment and takes up to two hours.  Many people do not have strong enough veins to do all ten passes.  I am personally not under the persuasion that more is always better.‍

HiDose — HiDose is half the dose and cost of 10Pass but is the same general concept.  However, blood is withdrawn and readministered one time instead of ten.  It is still a much higher dose than the standard protocol, Major Autohemotherapy.

EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation Ozonation) — EBOO is a high dose of ozone therapy that involves drawing out blood through one arm, going through an ozone tube, and then back into the other arm.  It is typically expensive.  It is misnamed as a “dialysis” because it looks like a dialysis filter.  However, it doesn’t filter anything out.


Treatments at home:

These treatments are sometimes administered at the clinic, but it is usually much cheaper and easier to do them at home.  They take about 3–5 minutes, can be done on a daily basis, and the entire setup costs anywhere from $1,400-$2,000

Rectal Insufflation — Rectal insufflation ozone therapy stimulates the same pathways as IV ozone therapy.  While it might not be as effective, it can be done on a daily basis in under 5 minutes.  It also has a much lower cost per treatment in comparison with IV ozone, making it highly valuable.  

Vaginal Insufflation — Vaginal ozone insufflation (the release of ozone gas into the vagina for 5–10 minutes) is an effective way to elicit a systemic response in the body.  In addition, it works well for vaginal based issues.  

Ozone Sauna — Much research is still needed about ozone sauna treatment.   However, there is some promising anecdotal evidence and newer research showing its systemic effect.  The nice part about ozone sauna treatments is how minimally invasive they are.  The only problem is that the equipment still needs to be standardized.  There isn’t any equipment that can prove it provides enough ozone to cause a systemic benefit… yet.

However, I am certain that small ozone generators using ambient air DO NOT work.  The ozone is quickly dissipated back into oxygen because they don’t provide enough ozone amidst the heat to make it to the skin.

Saunas are vital to healing from mold toxicity.  You can choose to add ozone in or not.  In our opinion, you may as well go with an ozone sauna but it’s not necessary to have the ozone element to get a sauna detoxification

How Long Does it Take for Results?

It’s difficult to say for certain because there are a number of different contributing factors. 

However, many people experience more energy and reduced brain fog after 4–6 IV ozone treatments or 3 weeks of home ozone therapies.

How Much Does Ozone Therapy Cost?

Treatments at the clinic will range from $200–$1,500. 

A home setup can be purchased anywhere from $1,400-$2,000. It lasts indefinitely and can be done daily in under a few minutes.

How Can I Do Ozone Therapy for Mold Toxicity?

For full information on how to do ozone therapy at home, we recommend downloading our guide by clicking here.

It includes:

  • How to do ozone therapy and the protocols
  • How to get all the equipment and supplies
  • How to choose the right frequency and dose
  • How to set everything up
  • How to get results from ozone therapy

To find a practitioner near you, we recommend searching, “ozone therapy near me” then looking for a clinic that does IV ozone therapy and understands mold toxicity.

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